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Creating Awareness

The need for medical care for the Chronic and

Terminally Ill regardless of immigration status



Requesting a Humanitarian Legislation of Medical Services


My name is Victor Palma, President and Founder of Equal Rights Organization, Inc. a Non-Profit Organization that helps families in crisis, Certified by the Federal Government through the
IRS department with the Code 501 (C) (3).

The mission of Equal Rights is to provide assistance and guidance to the community, without distinction of race, gender, religion, language, or physical disability. There are too many people who suffer from their problems and frustrations in silence, not knowing where to go. Our organization provides guidance to families and people in general, with professionals in legal, medical and psychological, thus helping them succeed in overcoming their difficulties.

Low income people are under a great need, who find it difficult to get ahead because of the shortage of economic resources, for them is why we as an organization are proposing and conducting a humanitarian campaign.

Through this release we turn to you as a representative of the Congress, seeking your support and that through you, brought before the United States Congress this Sof Medical Services for the benefit of all those who are undocumented immigrants, and who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness and that for reasons of legal status, they can not receive benefits from the programs that are funded with federal or state funds.

The plan of this proposal is an opportunity to achieve a better quality of life for all those people who are already based in the United States, and who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness.
We recognize that to some extent, our government is trying to be equitable in the area of health, but we believe we can do much more for those persons who are already residing in our country, and more when it comes to saving lives within our own territory, because our country is globally recognized as a humanitarian nation with democracy and human rights defender.

Our Country distributed around the world assistance for more than 120 countries classified as poor, who were provided with food and medical services. It is admirable this great gesture of our government, counting also with the fight which takes place in foreign countries and underdevelopment, which also sums invested billions to fight against drug trafficking. One of these programs is receiving financial help against drug trafficking in The U.S., Mexico and Central America, known as the "Iniciativa Merida."
Information from the International Information Programs USINFO. Stat.

The American External helps, as we know it

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The objectives and techniques of U.S. foreign help programs have been expanded substantially. The programs now hold various activities in vital areas, including agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, prevention and treatment of HIV / AIDS and other diseases, democracy, governance, volunteer programs and humanitarian aid in emergencies. In 2006, the U.S. government provided over 26 billion dollars in foreign help to 120 countries and territories around the world.

The U.S. foreign help is provided in many ways, including support in cash, commodities such as food or medications, debt relief and technical expertise. But the U.S. government is only part of history, the U.S. government, offers even more through private charitable organizations, foundations, religious-based organizations and individual initiatives.

A distinctive feature of U.S. foreign help is supported not only by government agencies but also non-governmental agencies, religious-based organizations, advocacy groups, research institutions and enterprises and private business in small scale. This broad effort reflects the belief of most Americans that social progress depends not only on the efforts of the government or the private sector, but also of joint initiatives between the public sector, private companies, groups without end profit, and individual initiatives. Throughout the world it is not unusual to find U.S. agencies that support economic research organizations, groups based on religion that manage schools or clinics, microfinance initiatives that help small businesses, universities and training institutions are involved in awareness campaigns and environmental and human rights campaigns.

But is sad to see a reality, we do not want to accept or recognize that in our own country, there is hunger and suffering and denial of medical services to US Citizens and legal residents with Spanish-speaking language or with a Hispanic profile; as if is not enough, there are also groups of people, that add an enormous desire to hate, discriminate and try to humiliate those who in one way or other are contributing to build the future of our great nation.
It is sad to see that recently born an anti-immigrant environment and persecution, which is causing enormous damage to our society in general, causing a great divisiveness; without taking into account that those who are immigrants and are undocumented, are contributing with 635,000 millions of dollars to the U.S. economy. It is sad to see how certain agencies or hospitals, have used some immigration status of patients, in order to deny medical assistance, who were condemned to suffer in silence their frustrations and infirmity, and that in most cases leads to an inhumane death.

In the State of Texas if we do not have a medical insurance or a program that covers medical services, we can’t receive any health services, only in cases of emergency or death but unfortunately this technique or administrative law gives to hospitals the power of the decision to say NO and more when they see that the patient is classified as undocumented. The hospitals are protecting the existing law which only requires them to assist in emergencies. Individuals who are requesting assistance with a chronic illness they receive a negative answer.
Hospitals that receive federal funds are acting unfairly and this action provides an inhuman and discriminatory service; because there have been cases where taken as a reference the external appearance and the legal status of persons. These hospitals in a diplomatic way refuse to provide emergency medical care; covered in alleged state laws, which only granted protection to hospitals and give power to deny medical services.
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This method of applying state laws, is only encouraging that these patients begin an inhumane pilgrimage, because unable to be cared for medical attention they start taking home remedies or other natural products, which are not authorized by FDA or Food and Drug Administration, this is worrying because it is a latent danger to society because it can spread epidemics that can not be controlled because undocumented immigrants, may not receive medical care, causing the sickness  and in many cases death.
 As representatives and spokesmen for the community at large our organization, Equal Rights Organization Inc. is urging our legislators and representatives in government to give the humanitarian support and to carry out a reform; a Humanitarian Law for chronic illness people and disabled that are undocumented.

As an organization we can see, feel and touch the pain and frustration of those people who suffer in silence the suffering of a chronic illness or terminal disease; without having anyone to give a helping hand.

Our purpose is to help to end the suffering of these people who have been diagnosed as chronically ill, and whom we represent across our Organization. We have many sad cases of patients who are citizens and legal residents, but it is frustrating to see how the undocumented, are suffering bitterly because of denial of health services.

Many can perceive acts of denial of help for racial profiling of Latino; who represents these inhuman actions are being negative for our nation, because if the patient is not addressed in time will cause a huge deteriorated body of the patient who suffers from a chronic illness, and if they are denied care to control the disease early at the end treatment will be much more costly for the government.

Our organization seeks to achieve through this campaign, support and a humanitarian opportunity, for these sick people trying to avoid in the future (as a result of a legislation) the refusal of medical services to the undocumented, and this action can bring consequences for all those patients already diagnosed at present with a chronic illnesses. It would be deadly and inhumane if they were denied for medical assistance.

The purpose of this legislation is to prevent that these people, suffer as a result of future changes in laws that are emerging, and who are limiting help and medical services that assist people living with a chronic illnesses.

Our question is: are you in agreement to support a proposed law to avoid in the future the elimination of medical services to people suffering from a chronic disease? It is imperative to have and to pass a Humanitarian Legislation to benefit people with chronic illness we urge and beg you as representatives of the congress or government to help us to submit a request in the full House of the Congress. It is very important and fundamental to prevent and protect the rights of those chronically ill, it is important to contribute with an opportunity to to request and ensure the protection of medical benefits speaking better the quality of life, a life of dignity, by adopting opinions and reforms to the law in the area of health.

The purpose of our campaign is to bring benefits in the general field of health for all undocumented, and to request and ensure the protection of medical benefits speaking for the chronically ill people this legislation would prevent the denial of future medical-assistance as a result of new amendments.

This request for help is based on accurate information related to patients who have been diagnosed with chronic renal failure and some other medical condition of weakness.

It is important that the public and private hospitals ensure comprehensive care programs for the chronically ill in order to give them a better quality of life including diagnosis and treatment.

It is important to stress that hospitals give comprehensive care to preserve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases through prevention education and treatments to avoid the pain and other physical and emotional symptoms. These patients suffer severe depression, because they feel abandoned by their own families, and society, it is sad to know that many of them prefer to commit suicide over facing their sad reality, it is essential and very important to these patients to be in the hands of "A multidisciplinary team of professionals"

This legislation should cover all those undocumented patients, who have been medically classified as a chronic ill patient, and recognized as irreversible, progressive and incurable and is in advanced stages of life and the prognosis for the patient is very regrettable "chronic progressive and fatal".

To emphasize provisions to help pass the law The sick will have the human rights to receive curative and palliative care during the course of the sickness, and it must be treated with dignity and respect and non-discriminatory.

It is important that hospitals provide care and be clear on the information given to every patient about the patient’s medical condition.

This legislation should cover all those patients, and is also important to stress that patients at this stage have the right to freely decide on the type and location of medical care that best fit their needs according to their illness. It is vital for the quality of life for the patient, for this reason, it is also important to raise that "all health institutions, public and private, must incorporate special care" and all this is for the only purpose of helping these patients to have a better quality of life, as humans they are.

Our request is promoted by the compassion and love that God put in our hearts for these patients, who face difficulties, bureaucracy and injustices that condemn a huge pilgrimage and inhuman suffering.

We appreciate in advance your understanding, and support concerning this request.

We remain at your orders and I hope will be GOD, who put into your heart the decision to support a humanitarian law in favor of the chronically ill and disabled people with illegal status in this country. We are waiting for your response.

Victor Palma 
President & Founder



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