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Certificación Federal 501 (c) (3) Organización sin fines de lucro

Foundation with Non-Profit Federal Certification 501 (c) (3)

We are an organization that strives to attention and action for families in need have a decent place to live, help victims of domestic violence.

We assist the terminally ill, helping to achieve a better quality of life, our goal is to find solutions for families of scarce economic resources who suffer in silence without knowing where to turn.

Fundación con Certificación Federal sin fines de lucro 501 (c) (3)

Somos una organización que se esfuerza con atención y acción para que las familias en necesidad tengan un lugar digno para vivir, ayudamos a víctimas de violencia doméstica. 

Asistencia a enfermos terminales ayudamos a alcanzar una mejor calidad de vida, nuestro objetivo es encontrar soluciones a familias de escasos recursos económicos que sufren en silencio sin saber a dónde acudir. 


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Help us help families in crisis, your donation Supports the programs: temporary housing, food bank, victims of domestic violence, as well as patients with disabilities and chronic terminals.

(EN ESPAÑOL) Ayúdenos a ayudar a las familias en crisis, su donación Apoya los programas: vivienda temporal, banco de alimentos, víctimas de violencia doméstica, así como a pacientes con discapacidades y terminales crónicos. 

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Ejecutivo Asistente; Chief Michael Thaler.  Asistente; Chief John Treviño. Seguridad Publica (Militares y Oficiales de la Policia,) Dr.Keith Robertson-Presidente of P.A.C.T.  Representantes del Comite de Iglecias ; Pastor Javier Zuñiga, Dr. Javier Galliza Director Administrativo Equal Rights Org y Pastores de Iglecias 
De la Ciudad de Houston, Unidos Contra El Crimen.
Mr. Palma Presidente & Fundador.

Ex. councilman Mr. Adrian Garcia From the city of Houston Texas district "H" The councilman Mr. Adrian Garcia is a very dynamic and humanitarian person, and who is always ready to help the community and Mr. Palma president & founder  Ex. Concejal señor Adrián García de la ciudad de Houston Texas del distrito “H”, El concejal Adrián García es una persona muy dinámica y humanitaria siempre dispuesto a ayudar a la comunidad &  el Mr. Palma presidente & fundador


In Search of Justice, He Found His Vocation

This is the story of a real life, which contradicts what is traditionally believed about immigrants who come to this country, to the effect that they are persons with little education, like the ones coming from rural areas.

This story shows the contrary to be true.

In the year 1992 Mr. Victor Palma was living a peaceful life of dreams that had come true, in Mexico City, D.F. He lived there and rendered his professional services in the Ministry of the Interior, where. Because of his position he enjoyed many privileges. After having lived good times, for very personal reasons and having suffered a broken heart, he decided in 1994 to resign from his position and his social and economic status, in the effort to forget his past.

He immigrated as a tourist to the USA with the purpose of remaining there. He arrived with only a suitcase and enough money to begin again his life and his dreams. Incidentally, Mr. Palma had another side to his life, about which he has always been discreet: he is a composer and singer. Beginning in his childhood, he participated in musical groups and school bands. This activity gradually made a name for him in musical circles, where he was known under the artistic name of Pedro Javier. Mr. Palma planned to begin his career again in the United States.

But he never imagined what great and disagreeable surprises destiny had prepared for him in that country. Full of illusions, confident of his ability, and with a great desire to begin again , he arrived in the city of Houston. His grandiose beliefs in an easy American dream, shelter and secure work--mainly springing from a supposed great friend--disappeared when he saw that he was betrayed by that great friend, who did not even meet him, leaving him alone in a multicultural country where he felt marginalized as a recent arrival. It was then that he would encounter face-to-face the sad, bitter reality that all persons who immigrate to this country experience. 

In his solitude, his faith and tenacious purpose to get ahead were kindled, and he rejected the idea of returning to his country in defeat. With great optimism he decided to begin his sad journey, confronting the language, the economic level, and the the social discrimination like any other immigrant. After several months of his stay in this city, Mr. Palma's money ran out, and because he had no work--which he looked for incessantly but in vain--he was forced to live almost in the street. Through the recommendation of some families whom he had come to know, one day he obtained shelter in a church in which he would live for several months. In this church he was the object of abuse and isolation, but, determined to survive, he succeeded in getting a job in a warehouse, where he worked unloading big, heavy boxes of shoes. In this way, little by little, he became independent. With great effort he succeeded in renting his own apartment, which gave him the opportunity of freeing himself from the yoke of those persons who exploited him mercilessly. (During this time period, the memories of that time of opulence often passed through his mind). Little by little, with his great and tenacious desire to surmount difficulties, and distancing himself from all vices and all bad company, Mr. Palma maintained good conduct, which gave him the opportunity to become involved as a volunteer in social activities for the service of the community through different organizations. He took the time to learn from the American system, which would mark out a new road for him, since as the years went by he would achieve the goals and the challenges which he himself proposed.

As time went by, he was married, but not everything was sweetness and light. With the passage of time his married life suffered its ups and downs and disappointments. He was trapped in the claws of a woman who abused the benefits and the rights which the system of this country granted her as a woman. Mr. Palma was marginalized and punished, in silence, as an immigrant, in his intimate and personal life. He felt trapped by the whims of his ex-wife, who thought she owned his life, since she was in charge of procuring his residential papers. Taking wrongful advantage of her position and her rights, she began to abuse him physically and verbally. He thus became one more victim of the system which, because he did not have legal status, forced him to silence his troubles and pain which were caused by his relationship with his ex-wife. Convinced of his terrible misfortune and experiencing domestic violence, he decided to cling again to his faith in God, because human justice had turned its back on him. But he was silent for many years, hiding the sad and shameful reality of being an abused man.

Even so, he did not give up but tried to live like any normal person, hiding his miserable condition from the persons who knew him. But his anxiety and frustration increased day by day. Seeing that he needed to find a remedy for his situation, he began a crusade in search of justice. Mr. Palma began a public opinion poll throughout the city, seeking a change in the law that would benefit all victims of domestic violence. At first he was afraid of being questioned and ridiculed by the women whom he would have to confront when he began the poll in search of equal rights for men and women who are victims of domestic violence. However, the support from the community, principally from women, was so great that, starting in 1997, Mr. Palma became involved in different community activities through numerous organizations of the city of Houston.  In these organizations he always stood out for his commitment to aid all those persons who had some kind of need or were suffering abuse because they did not understand the system which in some cases marginalizes certain victims whose rights are being violated--which causes a negative impact in the community in general. Mr. Palma saw the scarcity of agencies and resources earmarked for social services which could inform and orient the Latin community in general.
He had experienced domestic violence in his own person, He felt greatly frustrated because of the apathy, the violation of human rights, and the refusal of services which could have helped him in that moment of crisis. He had made an investigation through political representatives, both federal and state, and had undertaken a public opinion poll in the community in general, in which he sought support for a change in the law which would grant equality of rights for men who suffer domestic violence (as well as the rights of women who have suffered this kind of abuse)

In view of these facts, Mr. Palma founded the Equal Rights Organization, Inc.

In May 2002 with the aim and purpose of aiding victims of domestic violence: men, women, and children. The organization has had great success in gaining the support of the Honorable Rick Perry, governor of the state of Texas, and also of the Honorable Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, the Honorable Lee Brown, former mayor of Houston, of the former chief of police of Houston Bradford, Police Department of Houston, Constable Victor Trevino, precinct 6, House of Representatives in Washington, and other members of the government and state and municipal agencies.  These relations have culminated in a proposal or bill: H.R. 80 -- Law for the Prevention of Domestic Violence to Men. It was submitted to the House of Representatives on January 7, 2003 by the Hon. Sheila Jackson Lee. This proposal for law condemns the incidence of acts of violence motivated by the perception of race, skin color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or disability of the victim. All this has won the recognition and support of community organizations like United Way, Houston Endowment Inc, Catholic Charities, LULAC and AAMA, etc.

Having obtained this important achievement in favor of the community in general and desiring to expand the community services, Mr. Palma requested the federal certification of the organization. When all the legal requirements were fulfilled, in May 2003 the Organization was certified as non-lucrative by Form 501 (c) (3), with the Federal Identification number. 

Among the most recent achievements, and thanks to the support of the Houston Foundation Endowment Inc., we mention the opening of the new offices in May 2004, which have a space of 5000 square feet which provide better service and attention to the community in general. Also, and thanks to the United Way Foundation, a passenger van was purchased to provide transportation for needy persons who suffer from terminal illnesses. The van also provides transportation for our volunteers when they carry out community activities.
In spite of the fact that this organization is still young, it has large-scale projects, which are now being developed. Mr. Palma has the desire in his heart to save lives. For example, in the year 2001 he intervened in a situation which led him to knock at the door of the White House. President Bush and the First Lady, Laura Bush, listened to him. Mr. Palma wanted to save the life of a small child named Jesse Arellano, who was diagnosed as having a rare illness called Gangliosidosis type GM1.This child is a citizen of this country, but his parents are undocumented Mexican citizens. This situation condemned this small child, who was barely one year old, to suffer the acts of injustice from representatives of the system which denied social benefits to which a citizen, who was diagnosed as disabled, has the right. When Mr. Palma saw this injustice, he was so filled with indignation that he was emboldened to seek help all over the world. In spite of the negative diagnosis of the doctors who examined the child (one of whom was Dr. Carlos Bacino, physician of the Molecular Department of Human Genetics of Baylor College of Medicine. For information

Who cared for the child in Children's Hospital of Houston), Mr. Palma decided to fight to help this child. All of this led Mr. Palma to discover the enormous need which adults have. In this great nation it is very easy to get public attention with the case of a child, but it is very difficult to obtain necessary help for an adult, especially if the adult has no immigration documents. Many people in the community believe that it is undocumented persons who have problems in obtaining medical care, but the crude reality is that the procurement of medical care is a general problem of an entire society. Legal residents and citizens suffer from this malaise, since in certain cases persons with few resources are marginalized, and they have been denied certain social services which can give them a better life. For this reason Mr. Palma has initiated a campaign of consciousness-raising, encouraging people to donate organs. He has discovered that the Latin community is the group that participates the least in these programs. For that reason, in this year, 2006, a campaign has been initiated which is called "Don't let me die. Give me a part of you". "Help us to save lives".This campaign has also given rise to the desire to form a health center in which general medical services will be offered to persons of few resources. This proposal has already borne its first fruits for the benefit of one of the terminally ill patients. Mr. Venancio Garza received a liver transplant on December 16, 2005. It is also significant to note here that news of this activity has spread outside this country. Needy people from Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico have requested aid, and in some cases funds have been sent to clinics and doctors in those countries for the treatment of needy patients. Liver and kidney transplants have also been requested. All of this has been a great achievement for Mr. Palma, because for him there is nothing so beautiful as to see a child smile and to restore faith and hope to an entire fam 

ily that suffers. Through this organization, his objective is to aid families in crisis. His motto is


Its mission is:

To provide assistance and orientation to the community in general without distinction of race, gender, religion, language, physical disability. There are persons who suffer in silence from their problems and frustrations without knowing where to turn. We offer orientation to individuals and families through legal, medical, and psychological professionals in order to aid them in overcoming their difficulties. It is our desire, as Organization, to prevent abuse and acts of injustice which are inflicted on some groups in our society. The aid which we offer to the community is mainly of an informative nature. This information is vital for counseling families and aiding them to solve their problems and to satisfy their needs.

This great country was founded on noble human principles based on

Democracy, Liberty, Justice, and Equality for all.


1. Orientation to victims of domestic violence (men, women, and children) 

2. Orientation and assistance to persons with terminal or illnesses

3. Legal assistance for criminal, civil, and immigration cases (with certified lawyers)

4. Housing for families in crisis (by means of references)

5. Basic medical orientation or assistance in obtaining the Golden Card

6. Source of available jobs (we provide references)

7. Center of programs for young people

8. English and Spanish classes

9. Free transportation for patients with terminal illnesses

Translation from Spanish into English by:

Rev. Dr. Robert T. Hoeferkamp, retirado

Austin, Texas

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